State Acclamations

On the school report card, we are rated in several areas. Below are our ratings from the State Board of Education for Louisiana.

School Characteristics:
of our teachers are rated as Highly Qualified Teachers.

Attendance: Our school rating is 95.1% for school attendance. For this we thank our parents for making sure their children attend school each and every day possible. Learning happens in the classroom and we strive to make each and every day a wonderful and fun learning experience for your child.

Safety and School Environment:
Our school has: 
- A written Parental Involvement Statement 
- A student Code of Conduct
- A crisis management plan

Class Size:
We have  ten Kindergartens, five LA 4 classes, and three Head Start classrooms. 

Kindergarten - Average class size - 22 students.
LA4 - no more than 20 students
 Head Start - no more than 17students
Developmentally Delayed Preschool - no more than eleven students