This year we are continuing the program PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support).  PBIS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. It includes school-wide procedures and processes intended for all and direct consequences for both positive and negative behaviors.  This behavior program provides a clear set of positive expectations and procedures throughout the school. 

We know making good choices in the school setting can be a huge accomplishment.  That's why positive behaviors are rewarded daily within the classroom as well as every week, three weeks and six-weeks for the entire grade level.   Our school sponsored reward programs include Paw Power Stamps, High-Five's and hugs from Ted E. Bear, Teddy Grams, NUT Pass days (non-uniform T-shirt), and themed celebrations.

Throughout NPE you will find our school wide procedures and expectations posted to encourage and remind our students to make good choices.  Please encourage your child to follow the school wide procedures.  We know it takes a team (administrators, teachers and parents) to promote positive behavior! 

Thanks for your help!

For more information visit: www.lapositivebehavior.com


Behaviors that are expected by all students in all settings

B e Honest

E ncourage Others

A ct Responsibly

R espect Others

S afety First


The school expectations are enforced with specific rules throughout the school and in the classroom.  NPE also uses a school-wide system called ClassDOJO.  ClassDOJO is on on-line system that encourages students by allowing teachers to give positive feedback instantly, as well as to correct negative behaviors instantly. The system provides instant communication for parents through ClassDOJO Messaging. Parents can engage with their child's education anytime and anywhere. The intervention system is as follows:

A+ = No Negative DOJOs

A-= 1 Negative – warning/reteach expectation

B = 2 Negatives – loss of privilege as determined by teacher (5 minutes)

C = 3 Negatives – loss of privilege as determined by teacher (10 minutes)

D = 4 Negatives – loss of privilege as determined by teacher (15 minutes)

F = 5 Negatives – PBIS Board Referral/Office Referral